About Us

Crescendo Wealth Advisors is a privately held holding company headquartered in Miami, Florida working with select clients that ascribe to our unique approach. We seek pioneers and mavericks in their own respective fields that view the world differently; and while others may see dividing lines we always attempt to make them intersect. More importantly we seek to partner with a network of accredited investors with a long term perspective, with patient capital to deploy towards real estate and other private ventures. We hold a different perspective and view the world differently, and this makes all of the difference.

Jean-Robert Latortue, Jr.

Managing Partner & Founder

At Crescendo we seek to find intersecting lines. Our investment process explore the intersections of business, science, art and politics. It begins with viewing the world differently filtering investment opportunities for our clients through following megatrends:


Trends such as the genomic revolution, cloud computing, industrial innovations around energy storage and autonomous vehicles, and the rise of web technology are transforming the markets and reshaping the investment landscape.


As company founder, I attempt to view the world through different lens. My belief is that the lines of real estate, business, design and industry are continuously becoming more blurred. Technology has made our world increasingly more interconnected shortening our supply chain, while design and creativity are fueling the innovative solutions to our civilization’s most plaguing problems. In this new business environment I take a multidisciplinary approach to investing in order to differentiate between the losers and winners in our global economy. A centerpiece of my investment process is to focus on general themes or idiosyncratic moments in the economic cycle and match that thinking with the technical analysis in order to support any of our investment thesis.


We seek to find

View the world differently

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